1. Original
  2. Original resized with padding
  3. Original monster with solid color background based on original palette
  4. Transparent Monster with gradient background
  5. Original Monster with stroke and halftone background
  6. Original Monster with stroke and gradient glow and holographic background



  1. 20 unique heads
  2. 20 unique middles
  3. 20 unique feet or tails
  4. 6 unique body part colors
  5. 14 unique backgrounds

Distribution of Rarity

  1. Common - three color body with solid color background
  2. Less Common - three color body with gradient background
  3. Rare - transparent body with gradient background
  4. Super Rare - three color body with halftone
  5. Kaiju Ichiban - solid color body with glow and hologram background

Three Unique Cut Body Parts (Head, Middle, Tail)



Less Common


Super Rare

Full One Color Monsters

Transparent Monsters

200 Example Monsters